Currently is not fully supported. F# on this site uses ML as Syntax Highlighting by default.

F# is a descendant from ML, but still is a lot different. For example, simple Line Comments for F# code don't get syntax highlighted, and are parsed as normal code:

(* hello fun for F# *)
let hello () =
    printfn "Hello, World!"

// hello fun for F#
let hello () =
    printfn "Hello, World!"

As the documentation of Stack Overflow states, it used highlight.js for code formatting. And this library supports F# as a language.

See: https://highlightjs.org/static/demo/ under: functional -> F#

In my opinion adding support for F# makes sense - it is probably one of the most wide-spread functional languages in use. And probably more often used than ML. Even if I don't have a proof for this claim.

As a language hint, the F# tag on a question could be used. To define code, the following tags probably makes sense:

  1. lang-fs
  2. lang-fsharp
  3. fs
  4. fsharp

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