Go to https://stackoverflow.com/talent/en and scroll down to the blurb "100 Million+ visitors a month to Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange". The link behind "Stack Exchange" points to https://stackoverflow.com/ instead of to https://stackexchange.com/

enter image description here

The actual code looks like:

<div class="flex--item9 fc-black-700 fs-body3">
    <strong class="p-ff-source-bold">Million+</strong> visitors a month to
    <a href="/">Stack Overflow</a>
    and<br class="sm:d-none">
    <a href="/">Stack Exchange</a>
    <div class="fs-caption pt6 fc-black-200">Source: Comscore</div>

So the second href="/" shouldn't be a relative link.

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    Thanks for reporting, we'll get that updated and report back
    – David Longworth Staff
    Aug 9, 2021 at 15:29


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