While looking at Symfony Component related tags (see Merge [symfony-components] with [symfony]), I've seen some inconsistency in the naming of those tags. Let's stick to the official naming of the Components 1.

Here's what should be renamed:

These tags could be merged 3:

The components are CamelCase, but tags are kebab-case (HttpClient: , DependencyInjection: ), but not all (EventDispatcher: . I've ignored that for now. Should I mention them as well?

1 See this spreadsheet for a list of components with their tags.

2 simple-phpunit sounds like an alternative to/extension of phpunit itself, but it is a command line tool from the Symfony PHPUnit Bridge: https://github.com/symfony/phpunit-bridge/blob/5.3/bin/simple-phpunit.php. I added 'bridge' in the tag name to make it clear it's not a component.

3 is an alias of , so their component-based tags should follow the same routine.


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