According to its own website, is

is a set of reusable PHP components ... and a PHP framework for web projects

The Symfony Components are using in many other projects and the Symfony Framework is 'just' a way of glueing them together. This makes the tag redundant.

Instead of using one could use just instead. Questions can be tagged by specific tags like , or many others.

I can't think of a question about the itself. It's just a list. Questions are about a specific component (symfony-[component] should be used) or about glueing them together in a framework (just should be used).

Side note: I think we should use the components-tags more often. Discussions about symfony-related tags focus on versions, but some Symfony 2 questions are still relevant in (the upcoming) Symfony 6 because that component hasn't changed that much. In most cases, a component tag makes much more sense than a version tag. Especially questions about the usage of components in other projects (Api Platform, Drupal, etc.) should be tagged with the specific component.



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