• As already mentioned here, the robotics community is used to asking their questions on a different forum very similar to the Stack Exchange Network: answers.ros.org. There are about 25 questions posted there each day. But I understand that from the SE's perspective this is probably seen as competition rather than a reason to remove ROS-related questions from this network.
  • On Stack Overflow we have a special tag that gets about 3-4 questions each day.
  • On the SE Network there is also a community robotics.stackexchange.com where ROS-related questions have a home. It gets about 5-6 questions each day.

Even if we are just talking about the last two sites: what is the canonical place to ask a ROS-question?

If there is already a whole community on the SE Network that's just about robotics, wouldn't the SO tag, by definition, contain only off-topic questions?



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