I'll cut to the chase and just attach screenshot:


It seems pretty clear that the text in the "Comment" column of the history since question closure is incorrectly escaped HTML code. Here are a couple of items in the reopen votes review queue that show this behavior: one, two.

  • someone seems to have assigned HTML to textContent :) Jul 23 at 4:39

This will be fixed in the next build.

There are actually two problems here, one making the other more obvious. The first is that we shouldn't be showing non-edit revisions in the list. They're throwing off the count and the link in the date goes to a 404 page.

The second is that the comment contains raw HTML but we're escaping it. In most of the codebase, HTML is stored in IHtmlContent implementations. These render as-is by ASP.Net whereas string get escaped. This offers XSS defense along with type checking. Revision comments are one of the exceptions on the TODO list for conversion. They need to be explicitly wrapped in a IHtmlContent at render time to avoid double-escaping.

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