I am a passive big fan of Stack Overflow and have been enjoying answers from it for a while. I have just decided to be more active by signing up and trying to provide answers to some questions. However it looks like I don't have enough points (50) to that. For example, I think I have a good answer to this question How can I break up this long line in Python?, but I don't see any option to add an answer there. Is that because it was marked with the accepted answer? I tried to find answers to this questions in the following links:

UPDATED: I don't see any answer box. I only see the comment box and am not allowed to add comments due the 50 reputation points requirement.

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    You don't need 50 rep to answer. You may be trying to write in the comment box rather than the answer box. (edit: but for that particular question you do need 10 rep, as described below) – Ryan M Jul 9 at 1:47
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    Your answer is in remove new user restrictions. That question is protected; you need 10 rep to be able to post an answer. Try starting out with unprotected questions. Welcome to the site, and thank you for searching for your answer in the help center! – ggorlen Jul 9 at 1:48
  • Thanks RyanM and ggorlen. So my understanding is I need to work on unprotected questions to earn enough 50 rep points before I can answer the protected questions? What is the best way to find out the unprotected ones? – hstsvn Jul 9 at 1:57
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    @hstsvn Most questions are unprotected. You just happened to stumble upon a protected one. A protected question will always have that notice that says "Highly active question". For other questions (not protected, closed, or locked), you should see the answer box and be able to answer them just fine. – 41686d6564 Jul 9 at 2:12
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    You only need 10 rep points to answer protected questions, not 50. 50 rep is only required if you also want to comment on other people's questions. – Ryan M Jul 9 at 3:01
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    The quick summary is that you stumbled upon a question that has been "protected" (although the UI now confusingly calls this "highly active"). Questions get protected both manually and automatically by the system because, for whatever reason, they're attracting spam and non-answers. Answering a protected question requires a tiny amount of rep (specifically, 10) to indicate a modicum of familiarity with the Stack Overflow model. It's meant to be a minor speed-bump to help stop spam and other non-answers we'd need to delete. You should be able to find plenty of other questions to answer... – Cody Gray Mod Jul 9 at 4:01
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    ...and a single upvote on one of those answers would earn you enough rep to then be able to answer protected questions. Protected questions are relatively rare; the vast majority of questions are not protected and therefore answerable by even brand-new users. Comments are a separate issue; 50 reputation is required to leave comments (which is also a very low bar). We do this intentionally, as we want to push new users to the answer box, instead of leaving comments. Comments aren't answers, and SO is all about limiting the amount of noise/discussion, so we want actual answers. – Cody Gray Mod Jul 9 at 4:02
  • Your answer seems to be the most comprehensive one @CodyGray. How can I give the "single upvote"? I tried and saw the number quickly increased and then decreased and got this message: "Thanks for the feedback! You need at least 15 reputation to cast a vote, but your feedback has been recorded." – hstsvn Jul 9 at 4:33
  • see meta.stackexchange.com/questions/7237/how-does-reputation-work and meta.stackexchange.com/questions/260765/… tl;dr; You need 15 rep to vote, until you get 15 rep clicking the vote buttons only gives so called feedback. The temporarily +1 you see is an unfortunate UI glitch. – rene Jul 9 at 5:50
  • Consider suggesting edits (if the queue isn't full) or one of the other "tips" given here: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/17204/… – rene Jul 9 at 5:52
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    @hstsvn just to clarify: what Cody Gray meant is that you should post valid answers on other questions that are not "protected/highly active" and get them upvoted by the community so that you get enough rep to answer the protected one;... you trying to upvote someone's answers won't help because that won't give you any reputation. – Andrew T. Jul 9 at 9:37
  • Shouldn't the duplicate be about protected questions and not the more general how-to-get-started-as-a-new-user? – Peter Mortensen Jul 9 at 11:32
  • That is not easy to find. The cross-site one is (part of the FAQ): What is a “protected” or “highly active” question?. A blog post (2014): Changes and guidelines for the protected question status – Peter Mortensen Jul 9 at 11:41
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    Yes, @Peter, I looked for a good canonical about protected/highly active questions, but I didn't find one. I didn't think that was a reason not to close this as a duplicate, because the underlying question is about how a new user gets started. – Cody Gray Mod Jul 9 at 11:48
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    I find it demoralizing that the screenshot posted in the meta question shows the blue box with the message that 10 reputation is required to answer the question, which answers the meta question. I wish we could mark the question as a duplicate of a banner stating the reason, or close the question as "contains the answer already". – Heretic Monkey Jul 9 at 12:29