I posted a question at Control data being shown in angular based off roles of users logged in which subsequently got closed. The reason cited was that it need more clarity. Since then, I have added more details and made updates to the question.

If possible can I know what was ambiguous in my post. Also do I need to do anything more to get the question reopened. I do need help and I will do whatever is necessary to make sure that I can get it in the community accepted way.

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    It was closed 50 min ago and you edited it just 10 min ago. What's the rush? Give it some time to enter the reopen queue and for people to review it – Tomerikoo Jul 7 at 13:18
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    Can you please advice on the best course of action? That's the main problem. You want people to pick the "better" option. And both options are rather abstract at that. – Machavity Mod Jul 7 at 13:26
  • The question looks to be more opinion based to me. You seem to present some solutions and are asking which is better or asking for an alternative. Here any answer would really be an opinion of the answerer. – Abdul Aziz Barkat Jul 7 at 13:27
  • @Tomerikoo Sorry, no rush. Just wondering on the process – ananth Jul 7 at 13:35
  • Wil reframe the final question bit. Thanks for the clarification – ananth Jul 7 at 13:37
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    I have reframed the entire question asking for a design solution rather than asking to pick one. I am not even sure if what I think works, will work. So I hope that rectifies the problem with my post! – ananth Jul 7 at 13:41
  • Even in its current iteration, the question seems to be (primarily?) asking for advice on design decisions – both ultimately boil down to opinion on what you need and which design is best. If that's what you want/need, it's off-topic no matter how you word it. – MisterMiyagi Jul 7 at 14:08
  • @MisterMiyagi I actually want a design because I do not have a solution for implementation. Does that kind of question have no place here? I can remove all the solutions and just ask for "how to implement this feature in angular"? Does that help? – ananth Jul 7 at 14:11
  • stackoverflow.com/questions/68288303/… - this is the new question I posted, hopefully that works – ananth Jul 7 at 14:52
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    Questions asking for guidance are not a good fit for the site either. It seems that you wish for some kind of mentorship that can assist you hand in hand on designing a piece of software, and this pattern does not match the Q&A format. – E_net4 the commentary remover Jul 7 at 15:14
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    Indeed. Apparently there are discords which might be more tuned to this kind of interaction, at least that is what I gather from another meta post. When it comes to mentoring, you need something that is a little more interactive and immediate. Stack Overflow and most other websites have a ping-pong nature, very distant and haphazard. Even if such mentoring/personal guidance interactions would be on-topic, it would be frustrating. – Gimby Jul 8 at 8:46

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