So apparently I'm question banned on Stack Overflow. My last question was posted on Dec 18 2020, over 6 months ago, and from what I understood you get a temporary lift of your ban after 6 months after your last post, yet that hasn't happened.

I never deleted any post I made, I have a couple downvoted posts but I always try to provide as much detail and finesse to my questions as I can, so I was wondering what my case is about.


Thanks to Jeanne for pointing out my actual last post's date (Stack Overflow orders posts in the profile by voted on default), and to Makyen for showing me my deleted posts (only 10k+ reputation users can see all deleted posts of a user, regular users can only see posts deleted in the last 60 days).

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    "only 10k+ reputation users can see all deleted posts of a user" no, 10k users cannot easily find all deleted posts. Moderators have easier access to that. You can view your own deleted posts using the query user:me deleted:yes here is the search. Regular users cannot search for non-own deleted posts. The deleted:yes filter automatically restricts to only posts by the current user. Which makes the user:me filter superfluous.
    – VLAZ
    Jul 5 at 14:03
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    I had already tried that search, but it only yielded the visible posts, no deleted ones.
    – fijozico
    Jul 5 at 19:53
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    I see. Actually, you need the 10k privilege in order to search any deleted posts. Says so at the bottom of the search documentation. I find this strange - you can only see your own deleted posts anyway... (unless you're a diamond mod).
    – VLAZ
    Jul 5 at 19:59

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