I work mainly with Microsoft Azure and have set a custom filter with a number of azure related tags (e.g. azure, azure-cosmosdb etc.). This is how it looks on my laptop:

enter image description here

On mobile it gets worse as most of the screen is occupied with the tags I have set as part of the custom filter. The more tags I choose, the more real estate is gone displaying those tags.

Furthermore by choosing tags explicitly, I'm sure that I must have missed some tags related to Azure.

It would be incredibly fantastic if I can just specify my custom filter as azure* and I can see all questions where the tag names associated with the questions start with azure.

This will not only save the real estate on my browser + I will be sure not to miss out on any Azure related questions.


After posting the question, I reached out to someone who's also very active on Stack Overflow and he recommended me to explore the search functionality. To be very honest, I was not aware of the search capabilities so I gave that a try and here are my observations:

  • Simply searching for azure* will search for azure in both questions and answers text which is not something I am looking for.

  • Based on his recommendation, I did a tag search by using [azure*] and it does work to some extent. So when I do tag search with wildcard, it kind of explodes that and creates a search query like the following: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/azure+or+azure-devops+or+azure-active-directory+or+azure-functions+or+azure-web-app-service+or+azure-sql-database+or+azure-pipelines+or+azure-cosmosdb+or+azure-storage+or+azure-storage-blobs+or+azure-ad-b2c+or+azure-data-factory+or+azure-service-fabric+or+azure-application-insights+or+azureservicebus+or+azure-mobile-services+or+azure-logic-apps+or+azure-resource-manager+or+azure-table-storage+or+azure-webjobs.

As you can see it simply finds the unique tags that start with azure and creates a URL that I can bookmark. This would work as long as no new azure related tags are added. If new tags are added, then I will have to redo the same process (and for that I have to be aware of the availability of the new tags).

Furthermore, I noticed that in the URL only a partial list of azure tags are added. For example, when I search for azure here: https://stackoverflow.com/tags, I can see 36 popular tags however the list included in the URL above is only 20. So obviously it is missing some relevant tags that are of interest to me.


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You can use wildcards in the search URL directly, which will make it reactive to any new azure* tags that are created in the future:


This won’t solve the large swath of tags appearing above the search results, but the URL stays succinct.

It still doesn't cover all the tags, but it's a start!

This seems to cover all the azure tags I get back from the tag search; I only see the 20 in your URL.

So it turns out that I was wrong here; there are actually 212 azure* tags on Stack Overflow (you can see them all using this SEDE query, way too many to list here).

Unfortunately, trying to include them all in a single URL... doesn't work very well (It's a 4596 character URL; Stack's apparent limit seems to be short of 2000, I think).

For some further investigation, I tried to put all 212 tags into a filter, but filters apparently have a hard limit of 99 tags (according to the error message I received):

Please limit your query to 99 tags.

This isn't even a limit applied by the UI that I could bypass either, since that message comes back in the server response to the web request made to create the filter:

  "Success": false,
  "Message": "Please limit your query to 99 tags.",
  "ParametersId": 0

After some further, further investigation, the error may say that 99's the limit, but trying to create a filter with 99 or 98 tags still sends the message. I found the actual limit to be 50 tags in practice.

Final findings:

  • A tag search for azure* will actually search for the top 20 most popular tags (highest question count) that match that wildcard
    • An azure* filter does the same
  • When specifically using + characters in the URL (or the equivalent HTML escape, %2b) instead of spaces (either or %20), you can search for at least the top 99 tags if you use azure* to cover the top 20
  • In practice, the filter tag quantity limit seems to be exactly 50 written tags
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    Expanding on this you can also save azure* in watched tags UI which results in same url link
    – charlietfl
    Commented Jul 4, 2021 at 16:55
  • 1
    Thanks! Doing azure* still does not bring all Azure related tags (e.g. azure-storage-queues). Commented Jul 4, 2021 at 18:18

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