I noticed that after adding (or editing) a comment on articles, the font of the entire comments thread changes and remains changed until the page is refreshed.

Here's how it normally looks:

Font size normally looks larger

And this is how it looks after adding/editing a comment:

Font size becomes smaller after adding/editing a comment

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    The comment text is too large on initial render (compare it there to the way it looks on normal posts). There must be a style messed up somewhere, which the submission of the comment is finding with JavaScript. – Cody Gray Mod Jul 1 at 23:50
  • a field test shows that on initial load an fs-body2 class is added to the .comment-text node for some reason which makes the text look huge. It is removed when the comment section updates after submitting the comment. – Oleg Valter Jul 1 at 23:58
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    @CodyGray Yeah, I noticed that but I assumed that it was an intentional design difference between articles and regular posts. But I think you're right. It makes sense that that is likely the bug. – 41686d6564 Jul 2 at 0:15

Thank you for logging this bug, the developers have been made aware and will look into it.

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