In the answer, https://stackoverflow.com/a/60660705/10819573, I updated the name of the class from Testing to SpellCheck but the revison history , while looking it on inline mode, shows it as TestingSpellCheck.

enter image description here

It's shown correctly when using the other modes, as side-by-side:

enter image description here

  • reproed in inline mode. o_O – Oleg Valter Jun 26 at 10:26
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    Yep. It looks like highlighting is completely broken/missing in code blocks for inline diffs. – Cody Gray Mod Jun 26 at 10:29
  • "It's shown correctly when using the other modes, as side-by-side", it doesn't highlight it though (except when you click on Full), so I wouldn't call that "correctly". The only mode that seems to work as expected is "Side-by-side Markdown". – 41686d6564 Jun 26 at 11:03
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    The highlighting flashes for a fraction of a second when the page is refreshed]. – 41686d6564 Jun 26 at 11:07
  • what's of interest is that the markup generated considers the merged name to be the actual class name: <span class="hljs-title class_">TestingSpellCheck</span> – Oleg Valter Jun 26 at 11:50
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    What appears to be happening is that the difference highlighting is overwritten by the code syntax highlighting. – Makyen Mod Jun 26 at 19:47
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  • Another example: no highlight at all when in "Side-by-side" mode (my favorite mode) – ZygD Jun 28 at 10:29
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    More examples from a duplicate question of mine: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/408840/…. This makes reviewing Suggested Edits much harder; code changes are often invisible unless you use the Markdown view, which is in turn pretty bad for reviewing changes to big code blocks. – Mark Amery Jun 28 at 18:53
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    I'm investigating now 👀 I can reproduce, this seems like a critical bug to fix – Kyle Pollard ModStaff Jul 5 at 14:53

A hotfix is now in place for this bug on both the /posts/{id}/revisions and /review/suggested-edits/{id} pages. Revisions will now be highlighted correctly in code blocks:

A screenshot showing revision history properly highlighting removals and additions

This is a problem with highlight.js overriding the classes used to show these additions and deletions. My hotfix disables highlight.js on the revisions page.

I'll wait until the team is back from the US holiday before marking this as as I didn't get a chance to review this hotfix with them.

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    I'm just realizing that this is not just broken on the /revisions page but also on some review pages as highlighted in the comments above. Working on a hotfix for those pages too, thanks for your patience! – Kyle Pollard ModStaff Jul 5 at 17:55
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    So.. we're going from not having diffs in code in one view to not know if the edit made the post better when adding a language tag? How are we suppose to know if the edit is good or not? – Scratte Jul 5 at 18:08
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    This makes me realize that this question is also caused by the same issue. Time to edit my (thankfully few) posts that used strikethrough in code blocks... Maybe there should be warnings for users if they do this from now on. – Abdul Aziz Barkat Jul 5 at 18:22
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    Along with the issues of overwriting diffs, I see these types of warnings very often now. For most of those, I don't see any un-escaped HTML. – Scratte Jul 5 at 18:25
  • The hotfix is now also in place for the /review/suggested-edits/{id} page as well. – Kyle Pollard ModStaff Jul 5 at 18:47
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    @Scratte your feedback has been noted - today's my first day working with the revisions page so I don't know what our intentions are here, but I'll follow up on the warning and code highlighting. – Kyle Pollard ModStaff Jul 5 at 19:02
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    @AbdulAzizBarkat could definitely be related to this change, I've flagged it to my team – Kyle Pollard ModStaff Jul 5 at 19:07
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    Example review. I can't review this because I cannot tell if it highlights correctly. Not even if I "Improve edit" or "Reject and edit". Before I could see the highlighting and then pick "Side-by-side Markup" to see if there were any code changes. Now I'm forced to pick "Side-by-side Markup" on every code post and Skip every edit that makes a change to the highlighting. If there's no change to the highlighting, I must open up the post on the side :( – Scratte Jul 5 at 20:02
  • @KylePollard: will the script be fixed for inline formatting of code blocks as well? This was actually sometimes quite useful to let the reader focus on what changes were made. – Willem Van Onsem Jul 26 at 21:30

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