When you have low rep and are attempting to build reputation by submitting suggested edits, you see a rejection notice when you have too many pending edits (currently 5 on Stack Overflow, it seems):

You have too many pending edits screenshot

By contrast, when you attempt to propose a tag wiki edit, you are only shown a nondescript static tag wiki page.

This is vaguely documented, with a screen shot (so won't provide one here), but still a misfeature if not outright a bug; Pending limit for wiki tag edits

This is somewhat similar to, but apparently distinct from, Can't edit a tag wiki

Could we please have an actual error message with an explanation of why you can't edit the tag wiki in this situation?

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    I don't have links with me right now, but this has come up as a source of confusion on many occasions in the past, for many users. It's very strange behavior that's completely inconsistent with the way the same mechanism works in posts. It should be addressed/ fixed.
    – zcoop98
    Commented Jun 16, 2021 at 14:07


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