I'll be talking about a specific question, but this applies to most Socket.IO questions and many other topics.

Software updates fast, but answers on Stack Overflow (unfortunately) do not.

As nick said, Socket.IO version 1.0+ added many new features, but most of the information online is from Socket.IO <1.0.

This is The Outdated Manual - most/all of the questions that needed to be asked were asked before version x, and now when people from much later need answers, they get outdated answers at the top, and (if any) the useful answers nearer to the bottom.

I've made a quick Glitch project at https://socketio-count.glitch.me/ to test which answers still work on Socket.IO 4.1.2.

  • About half of the answers still work (green)
  • A handful of answers give errors (red)
  • Another handful don't give any errors but give the wrong answer (gray)

If anything's missing or incorrect, you can post a comment, but my point was to say that many people use Socket.IO, and a lot of them will need the information that is closer to the bottom than it should.

This is not a question. I know we have the Outdated Answers project, but this is just a post to highlight on how much damage these outdated answers are causing.

  • Ain't much for us to discuss if you already know the point of the Outdated Answers project is to help with these. Not all of us are professionals in this technology, nor would we necessarily care, so...the hope then would be that this Outdated Answers doohickey would be able to remedy the pain points. – Makoto Jun 1 at 19:24
  • @Makoto: I am aware that not everyone is a professional in this technology, I'm just saying that some people who are may be receiving difficulties in getting answers. And yes, let's hope that the Outdated Answers project will be able to clean up this mess. – Lakshya Raj Jun 1 at 19:30
  • 9
    I'm gonna level with you, Lakshya. I am of the very strong opinion that the people who would look at an answer from ten years ago as their definitive and only source of evidence on a specific technology are not going to be the kind of people we can ever help, no matter what kind of guard rails we put up. So, I'm just hoping that this project can catch those who just need to be guided a bit further up the mountain as opposed to off the cliff. – Makoto Jun 1 at 19:32
  • 1
    Nobody is going to get hurt by first trying to apply something very outdated anyway. I've probably fallen into the trap once or twice. You try to implement it, it is difficult because the reality does not match up to the answer anymore, the realisation dawns that the answer is too old and then you look for a more up to date one. Lesson learned, only a little time was lost. In fact I'd argue that it is valuable to know what the outdated code looks like so you can avoid it in the future. – Gimby Jun 2 at 7:42
  • When you want 10 different answers, you come to Stack Overflow. When you want the right answer you consult the manual. If you're not of this mindset then there is little I can do to stop you from headbutting a knife. – MonkeyZeus Jun 2 at 13:16
  • @MonkeyZeus: Documentation is often incomplete, inconsistent, too terse, open to interpretation (ambiguous), out of date, lacking examples, and even outright wrong. – Peter Mortensen Jun 2 at 13:55