The tag has no clear usage although it seems people use it in questions regarding the largest item in a set. There are currently 118 questions and almost all of them are about finding the maximum value. Many questions even have both the and tags

IMHO we should make a synonym of

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    I would even challenge the value of the max tag in addition to this one. – Alejandro May 31 at 19:25
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    @Alejandro: indeed, [Do we really need [max] and [min]?](Do we really need [max] and [min]?) is an existing discussion about that. Making [highest] a synonym is a useful first step, though, regardless of what we eventually do to [max]. – Peter Cordes May 31 at 23:23
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    @PeterCordes merging them would be the worst option, since it would make a small tag bigger. and gives us 115 that we have to touch again. – Braiam Jun 1 at 10:31
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    @Braiam: Synonymizing tags doesn't "touch" the involved questions in the first place (no bumping), and the old questions keep their original tag until/unless they're edited and the edit window substitutes the synonym. Also, I think it's unlikely that we'd decide to do something different with questions that were originally tagged [highest] from what we do with questions originally tagged [max], which is part of why I suggested it would be a useful first step regardless. If we weren't sure they were synonyms, then yeah be cautious. – Peter Cordes Jun 1 at 19:37
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    @PeterCordes The thing here is that none of them are good tags. If there's a small set of questions that can be easily found and fixed, we want to keep it that way. That's the point. Imagine that we successfully removed a tag, before it became a larger problem. We want stuff that can give endorphin when completed. Making the tag more insurmountable doesn't do that. – Braiam Jun 2 at 0:11
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    9 watchers :) Ooh, I wonder what highest questions that will get posted today? I guess some people use the site while high and some while at their highest. – Lundin Jun 2 at 14:01

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