I got the "this has been flagged as a possible duplicate, does this answer your question?" dialog, and when I clicked "yes", it closed. Imagine this scenario:

  1. Somebody posts a question
  2. The question is then flagged as a duplicate
  3. They realize that it is a duplicate and decide to edit it to improve it
  4. Since it is a duplicate at that moment, the OP clicks "Yes" (after all, it's private feedback, so why shouldn't they?)
  5. Closed! Better edit and wait for it to be reopened...

This is extremely deceptive, private feedback means no action is taken from what you say. They should include a warning or at least not say it's private feedback, because it isn't.

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    Why would you expect clicking yes to do anything other than close the question as a duplicate of what you just said it was a duplicate of? – Warcupine May 28 at 19:28
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    Private just means only you are seeing it. A comment also gets added when someone flags or close votes for duplicate so definitely not private in the sense no one knows its being considered a duplicate by someone. Maybe they forgot to update that when they added in the comment as it really isn't private, they should just say "feedback for you". – Warcupine May 28 at 19:31
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    noting something as private that clearly isn't isn't cool imo, regardless of what clicking the button does. – Kevin B May 28 at 19:31
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    I'm confused about how you are using step 4 and 5 together... if you edit the question so substantially that it isn't a duplicate anymore, then why would you click "yes" if it isn't a duplicate after the edit? – TylerH May 28 at 19:36
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    I think this depends on how you view something to be private. Only you can see it, but actions that you take on that feedback will effect the post nonetheless. I think perhaps it would be fine to add a note that clicking on the button will close the post. – Scratte May 28 at 19:37
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    @Anonymous So... if you get the notice before editing, click yes, and everything's good... the question is a dupe and you agreed it was a dupe, and now it's closed. If you click no, it... doesn't close, and you have an opportunity to edit the question if you're asking a different question so you can clarify. – TylerH May 28 at 19:39
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    @Anonymous I still don't see an issue... if OP edits it and it reopens, that's fine, because it's a different question now, right? – TylerH May 28 at 19:43
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    @TylerH Regardless, it's deceptive to say "private feedback for you" when it's not. – Anonymous May 28 at 19:45
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    @Anonymous I disagree; only you see that feedback, so it is in fact private. – TylerH May 28 at 19:47
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    @Anonymous the "private" part is the feedback you are receiving. Your response to the private feedback is not private, nor is it intended to be. – TylerH May 28 at 19:53
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    @Anonymous Don't make choices thinking they don't matter, and that problem solves itself I think. Why do you think the site is bothering to present that UI to you if your response doesn't matter? – TylerH May 28 at 20:03
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    How is this off-topic? – Anonymous May 28 at 20:52
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    @Anonymous - You probably lost people when you started to indicate this was a hypothetical issue. You also never specifically indicated how it’s deceptive. You tagged this as a feature request, so it’s entirely up to you, to be as explicitly clear on what feature your actually requesting – Security Hound May 28 at 21:48
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    @Anonymous - Why would anyone think that a button offering to close the question as a duplicate would take no action. The private feedback as many of already allude to was with regards to the message itself, allowing the author to have the ability to agree or disagree with a duplicate close vote. Any user agreeing to the close vote eventually will result in the closure of the question. – Security Hound May 28 at 21:54
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    @Anonymous - also see this answer by Cody on what the hell the "private feedback" is which I 100% agree with: "I don't know how this change ever passed approval". It is just terrible wording on SE's part and, honestly, we all shouldn't bicker over it. – Oleg Valter May 31 at 14:55

I don't think the verbiage is actually unclear at all, and I think your scenario is implausible and/ or based on a misunderstanding of how duplicate closures are supposed to work.

"Private Feedback"

Regarding the "private feedback for you" message, you're conflating two different things. The feedback to you is indeed private, and that's all that the dialogue text promises. Your feedback, however, is not promised to be private. Nothing in the dialogue says that your feedback will be kept private.

I understand why the closure might appear to be jarring if you read the message that way, but that reading is just incorrect, and I disagree with you that it's easily misinterpreted this way by the majority of users. There simply isn't a history of users complaining about misunderstanding the message to back that assertion up.

An Implausible Scenario

I don't think your scenario is very plausible, all things considered. For one, we don't hate duplicate posts! Duplicates aren't inherently bad, simply because when used correctly, they lead the OP (and future readers) to their desired answer. That's a good thing! Collecting and connecting knowledge to parties looking for it is exactly what Stack Overflow is designed to do.

This means that selecting "Yes, this post answers my question" isn't a negative outcome, but a positive one for both you and the community at large.

Second, given the above, there should be no circumstance where you would both say "yes, this is a duplicate" and then also want the post to stay open. They're mutually exclusive outcomes. If the post is truly a duplicate, and I as the OP have my answer, why would I want my question open? Why should I even care? There's no need for the question to be open anymore, as an answer to it already exists.

There's no case here where the OP should select "yes" and then need to re-edit and get the question reopened; that simply doesn't make sense as a normal sequence of events. Any cases where this is true are likely born out of a misunderstanding of how our system works, rather than something being wrong with the dialogue in question.

  • Yes being shown a question that truly answers your question is indeed a good outcome obviously. But sometimes something looks promising, but you are not sure and in the end it wasn't what you needed. I wound't see an addition such as "This means nobody will be able to post new answers to your question" to be harmful. – user000001 May 30 at 17:38
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    There's also the important issue here of "my question". Your question is "yours" in that you asked/posted it, but it isn't "yours" in the sense that you get the final say in what happens to it. It's important to realize this isn't a forum, but a knowledge resource... we would do better to train newcomers to think of the site like Wikipedia rather than Reddit. If users were not so attached to their posts in a personal way, they would have a better time, I think. – TylerH May 31 at 14:33
  • @TylerH "...we would do better to train newcomers to think of the site like Wikipedia rather than Reddit" – I like that sentiment a lot, I think that's worded really well! – zcoop98 Jun 1 at 15:26

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