Our company needs a Q&A-type solution for sharing knowledge between engineers. Because everybody knows how to use Stack Overflow, and searching for answers on Stack Overflow, I signed up for the Stack Overflow for Teams account for my company.

But my boss says "Can we set our language as the default language? Someone may resist or feel too uncomfortable to begin to use it. I want to have a successful onboarding with this system, but even here, I can make only English tags."


I cannot find a language setting on the Stack Overflow for Teams admin page.


  1. Do Teams support display language changing as a setting (we need the Korean language)?
  2. If it exists, where can it be found?
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    Thank you. It makes clarify. – user1101221 May 28 at 5:01
  • NP - you'll most likely need to live with the English-only version for a while. However, since SE did not explicitly decline the previous request, they will likely revisit it in the future - so you can tell your boss exactly that. – Oleg Valter May 28 at 5:03