Ever since I've been de-activated and re-activated, my team shows 1 notification and I cannot dismiss it.

"For You" page showing 1 notification

This shows on all of my SE sites:

Stack Overflow home page with the team showing 1 notification


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After receiving a notification, it's now fixed. I suppose it's a permanent, relatively easy workaround but still a workaround (and it would require getting a notification, which on some teams would require creating a spam post).


For now, I've added

meta.stackoverflow.com###left-sidebar > div.left-sidebar--sticky-container.js-sticky-leftnav:first-child > nav > ol.nav-links > li:last-child > ol.nav-links > li.js-team-nav-link:last-child > a.pl8.js-gps-track.nav-links--link > div.grid.ai-center > div.grid--cell.px4.ml-auto:last-child > span.s-badge.s-badge__sm.bg-blue-600.fc-white.bc-transparent

to the list of custom ads to block. A very patchwork solution, but it works.

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