I just asked a question on Stack Overflow and got a few responses quickly. Fortunately, one of the answers perfectly answered my question - so I'm happy.

However - someone then closed the question as being "We don’t allow questions about general computing hardware and software on Stack Overflow".

Now - I was asking how in Xcode to get it to automatically go straight to an error when I build and get an error... it's hard to see how you can get more in the programming domain than that???

Obviously, I now have my answer, so don't care anymore about that particular question, but it did make me wonder how you appeal such a thing. It's odd that "someone" who's anonymous, so you can't even confront your accuser, can just decide (whether out of ignorance or malice it's not clear) that a question isn't in scope, and it goes away, and there doesn't seem to be any recourse to pull it back?

Where's the "appeal" button, so it gets sent to a few people to judge or something?


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