The tag has very mixed content. I suggest that we disambiguate this tag.

I think there are mainly two meanings here:

Amazon RDS Aurora database service, with both MySQL and PostgreSQL dialects. Questions related to this service should probably use instead.

Apache Aurora - a Mesos framework for long-running services and cron jobs. We should probably create a new tag for this instead.

Of 162 questions:


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I do agree with the suggestion of disambiguating aurora, and this seems to be an easy cleanup compared to the more complicated ones out there. However, we would need a bit of manual intervention here. The following steps would be the best way to cleanup this tag:

  1. Go through the set of 38 questions that aren't related to AWS Aurora and retag them manually to . We would need a set of volunteers for this.
  2. Once done with that, we would need to merge with . We would need a moderator for this
  3. Finally, we would need someone to write a good tag wiki for the tag. We would need some top users from related tags for this.

Once done, the two auroras would be separate, just like borealis and australis.

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