I asked (and answered) this question:

What variations of vector-like containers already widely established? Do I have to write my own?

This was relatively well-received: 3 people upvoted the question and 5 upvoted the answers. The question is not focused all the way to concreteness. But - it is focused so as to be clear, and to afford the answer given, which is somewhat general and comparative. If I were to focus the question further, the answer would probably not fit.

However, the question was closed for lacking focus. Was I really wrong in my choice of degree-of-focus?

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    Upvotes are not a good metric to see if a question is a good fit for Stack Overflow (the curl mess comes to mind). I think the question is certainly on the broad side, particularly because it asks for 3rd party libraries too. And there are a lot of those. In my sector Rcpp is a common one, and it comes with 5 vector types. And there will be many more examples. – Erik A May 7 at 10:29
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    "This was relatively well-received" Well, not anymore 😅. Meta effect strikes again! – 41686d6564 May 7 at 11:39
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    I honestly think that for questions like these one of the "worst" things you can do is post about it on meta. If the question was truly seen as "on-topic" by the community then very likely it'll continue to get upvotes and get re-opened "naturally", however, posting within an hour of it being closed doesn't even give it a chance to go through that cycle. As they say, patience is a virtue. – Larnu May 7 at 11:45
  • @Larnu: Lesson learned. – einpoklum May 7 at 13:14
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    The (very long) title is asking for an opinion and the question itself is asking for a list... basically asking for offsite resources. It can use a little de-triggering. – Gimby May 7 at 14:06
  • @Gimby: Well, "should I roll my own" questions are in-scope for SO, and there are lots of them... and are not really about off-site resources. Also, this was not my original title, but an edit someone made. How would you entitle the question? – einpoklum May 7 at 14:32
  • Did you look at those results from your search @einpoklum ? That's is a vague search at best because it''s picking up any question that has the words "roll", "should", "my" and "own" anywhere in the question or answer. This question is nothing about rolling your own, – Larnu May 7 at 14:36
  • @Larnu: Ah, I forgot the quotation marks around the expression. My point still holds when I add them. – einpoklum May 7 at 14:42
  • 121 isn't many, if I an honest, @einpoklum . And 1 question with a phrase being on topic doesn't make another not off topic. – Larnu May 7 at 14:42

If I were to focus the question further, the answer would probably not fit.

I think this is kind of the source of the problem. You seem to be trying to reverse-engineer a proper SO question for which your answer would be legitimate.

But the answer is ultimately nothing more than a list of types provided by various libraries. Which means that any question is going to ultimately be:

  1. A list question: asking for a list of things.

  2. A library question: asking for one or more libraries that provide a thing.

The current phrasing of the question hides #2, but #1 is still incredibly clear. Especially when one of your options in the list you're asking for is literally "etc".

I get that you want to help people find a C++ contiguous container type that suits their needs, and that a single clearing house of such types would be useful. And I would agree with that in general. But SO is not a good place for that kind of thing. Sometimes, such things slip through the cracks, but by and large, they don't work well for this site.

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