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Use when dealing with Questions related to testing Angular applications, when a test fails, or when unable to solve an issue about testing a component or service or any other angular element. This tag is similar in use to this other SO tag: .

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Questions about testing Angular code, addressing either specific issues ("why is this test failing"), test flows ("how to test this async call of my component"), or test setup ("how do I mock router in this component test"), integration tests ("how to bypass a proxy to my backend in this angular test"), or possibly test-related questions, such as ("Why does this component work and the test is failing?").

Number of questions tagged with both tags : 106 questions

is just an alternate phrase for both used on questions about testing an angular application

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TAG and
94 298 360
27 64 98
26 70 114
12 33 67
9 27 46
5 18 21
5 24 18
4 9 14
4 13 15
3 8 22

If we do a correlation of the and columns we get a correlation of 0.99197, an indication that these two tags are highly correlated

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    Honestly, I think we should delete them both. Questions should be tagged [angular] + [unit-testing] or [angular] + [e2e-testing]. Or possibly, now that I think further, [angular] + [karma] or [jest] or [angular] + [protractor] or [cypress]. The fact that "testing" is involved is really irrelevant. What's relevant are the libraries being used for that. May 6, 2021 at 2:43


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