There is a tag which is supposed to be used for Apache Synapse, but it's frequently misused for , which is a completely different thing. Should the tag be renamed to in order to prevent this misuse?

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    There is already a tag apache-synapse (with 0 questions). Hence, I think, we need to mark apache-synapse and synapse as synonyms. Users with score 5 or more can do it.
    – Ajeet Shah
    May 1 at 20:34
  • If it has 0 questions, the tag does not exist and cannot be assigned as a synonym.
    – mck
    May 2 at 8:30
  • Right. I think it existed the last time I checked. But it doesn't exist now.
    – Ajeet Shah
    May 2 at 8:53
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    The rename to [apache-synapse] would probably be better than the synonym, because there also is matrix-synapse.
    – Striezel
    May 2 at 13:54
  • If we rename, I am sure that someone would recreate the synapse in future. We should prevent recreation of synapse unless "renaming" automatically does that.
    – Ajeet Shah
    May 2 at 15:29

I actually went ahead and renamed to only to revert it back in a few minutes. There are a few issues here that need to be addressed before a rename:

  • There seems to be a whole set of questions related to Ararat Synapse that need to be retagged to , unless it is actually the same as Apache Synapse. Would need someone with knowledge about that topic to weigh in here.
  • There are a few questions related to Matrix Synapse that need to be retagged to instead.
  • There were just a couple of posts that had "azure" in them which were tagged , so I edited those out and renamed. However, there are a lot more related to SQLDW which again needs to be retagged to .
  • There are a few related to the SynapseFi API
  • And finally there are some that I have no idea what synapse they're talking about.

We can only rename the tag once all of these issues are taken care of. Fortunately, there are only a couple hundred questions so going through all of them won't be that much time consuming (however it does need someone with a background knowledge of those topics).


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