Microsoft's Blazor which allows building rich and interactive web apps offers two hosting models:

  • Blazor server-side (uses SignalR, C# code runs on the server) ​
  • Blazor WebAssembly (WASM) (C# runs in WebAssembly on the client's browser)

From the description of the tag:

Use this tag for questions specific to client-side hosted Blazor apps.

Technically, when client-side Blazor is referred to, it usually refers to Blazor WebAssembly and hence the tag is ambiguous to synonymous with and redundant.


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There's a bit of a misunderstanding of words here:

  • "Ambiguous" means that a tag has multiple meanings, which can't be easily gleaned just by looking at the tag; a reader has to look at the question to understand what it means in context.

  • Based on what you said, is not ambiguous to, but rather, synonymous with, .

  • Our tags can be made synonyms with other tags that refer to the same thing; burnination of the other tags isn't necessary in such a case.

Somebody has already proposed as a synonym of , and most questions with either of these two tags already have both tags anyway, so I've gone ahead and approved their proposal.

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