I am using a "Stack Overflow for Teams", but my team needs backups and a good data explorer for it ... Is it possible to download a backup of my questions? Is it possible to explore all the details and statistics of my questions?

In other words, is there a private version of https://data.stackexchange.com/, to explore my private https://stackoverflow.com/c/MyTeam?


You can download a zip file with all the data.

Admin settings > Account information > (at the bottom) Download data

The zip file contains the following files:

  • accounts.json
  • badges.json
  • comments.json
  • images.json
  • posts.json
  • posts2votes.json
  • tags.json
  • users.json
  • users2badges.json

and a folder named images containing the images you uploaded.

The image filename is an uuid (without any - for example: 1e3c170751be483db646fadea963615f) where as the imageGuid in the images.json does have a -, (for example: 1e3c1707-51be-483d-b646-fadea963615f). In the posts.json you'll find that the body and bodyMarkdown have a full URL to your image, including your teamname: https://stackoverflow.com/c/[teamname]/images/s/1e3c1707-51be-483d-b646-fadea963615f.png. Some URL rewriting is required there.

Here is the schema for each file:


Accounts from users in your team

  • accountId (number) the accountid for the Stack Exchange network profile
  • verifiedEmail (string)


Available badges

  • isCode
  • tagBased
  • single
  • awardedCount
  • id
  • class
  • badgeReasonTypeId
  • awardFrequency
  • description
  • name


  • creationDate
  • editCount
  • postId
  • id
  • postCommentTypeId
  • userId
  • text


  • creationDate
  • imageGuid
  • id


  • creationDate (string)
  • favoriteCount (number)
  • commentCount (number)
  • answerCount (number)
  • answerScore (number)
  • score (number)
  • id (number)
  • postType (string)
  • viewCount (number) only for questions
  • parentId (number) only for answers
  • ownerUserId (number)
  • tags (string) only for questions
  • title (string) only for questions
  • bodyMarkdown (string)
  • body (string)


  • creationDate
  • voteTypeId
    2. Upvote
    3. Downvote
    26. Fire feedback
  • userId
  • postId
  • id
  • voterRepChange
  • targetRepChange
  • targetUserId


  • isSpecialTag
  • count
  • id
  • creationDate
  • name


  • lastAccessDate (string)
  • creationDate (string)
  • answerCount (number)
  • questionCount (number)
  • goldBadges (number)
  • silverBadges (number)
  • bronzeBadges (number)
  • views (number)
  • reputation (number)
  • id (number)
  • userTypeId (string) Admin;
  • accountId (number)
  • lastModifiedDate (string)
  • lastLoginDate (string)
  • location (string)
  • title (string)
  • profileImageUrl (string)
  • realName (string)
  • displayName (string)


  • date
  • badgeId
  • userId
  • id

Do note that the Stack Exchange Data Explorer is open source and can be hosted on premises.


There isn't a private version of Data Explorer offered. That said, you can download all the Teams data for backup by following the instructions here:


This would provide the information as a zip of JSON files. One thing to note is you would need a separate tool for filtering through the data.

  • Great, backup is already something ... I will test next week, returning here my opinion on the structure and readability of the backup file. Apr 27 at 18:21

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