The tag on Stack Overflow's main site has no tag excerpt or description, and the ~170 questions tagged with it are a mish-mash of unrelated questions ranging from handling auto-repair of MSIs, repairing MySQL tables (borderline offtopic) and even repairing laptop keyboards (clearly offtopic).

From a quick read through the questions, it seems like it's a meta-tag at best or a honeypot for offtopic questions at worst.

Can we please have it burninated?

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    The title should be: "Can we [repair] this tag with fire?" ;)
    – honk
    Apr 20, 2021 at 14:04
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    @yivi I'd rather prase it as a question instead of a decision (which isn't mine to take), but I like the idea. Edited the title accordingly. Thanks!
    – Mureinik
    Apr 20, 2021 at 14:18
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    This tag suffers from the same syndrome as [complete]– most tags used in conjunction with it are only used on a single question, and the tag most used with it is on <20% of [repair] questions. See for yourself using this query.
    – zcoop98
    Apr 20, 2021 at 15:00
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    @zcoop98 Nice query! If you don't mind I will use it for another burn request
    – Tomerikoo
    Apr 20, 2021 at 15:10
  • @zcoop98 couldn't agree more. IMHO, by the same logic, they should both be burninated.
    – Mureinik
    Apr 27, 2021 at 10:25

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Please burn. From taking samples, the tag has coalesced on a meaning that is off-topic. The meaning is "how do I fix this corrupted data".

Since the topic is off-topic, the tag is subject to burnination despite the fact the normal decision ladder would save it.

I did find a couple of on-topic questions for repairing damaged source control repos, but I don't see how that saves the tag as these are on-topic essentially by accident due to using certain programming tools being on topic.

Writing code to automate repair of data corruption would be on-topic, and I have seen a few such questions, but I found no questions of that form tagged with repair.

Burn please, and most questions tagged with repair should go away with it.


Given that a good percentage of questions on Stack Overflow are about fixing something that's broken (e.g. about non-working code), this tag could apply to most Stack Overflow questions. I say we remove it as a Meta tag.

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