How do I delete our free Stack Overflow teams account?

I do not want to delete my Stack Overflow account, just the teams account /c/spintype where I am the only user and admin.

I don't think the marked as duplicate answer is correct here, because I use the free teams version. So I can't cancel my billings which is the solution in the other answer.

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    That is not an exact duplicate because I use the free team solution. So I can't "cancelled and the remaining billing period" because I don't have a billing period. – MTilsted Apr 16 at 12:49
  • Now that the other question is closed as a duplicate of this one, it might be good to remove "free" from the question to make it more general. – John Montgomery Apr 16 at 21:46
  • [faq-proposed]? Seems like many people will have this problem in the future. – 10 Rep Apr 16 at 23:00

See the official help article: Cancel your subscription which applies to Free, Basic and Business.

Goto https://stackoverflow.com/c/spintype/admin/billing/plan.

left bar: admin settings, under billing: Plan

Scroll down to the end of the page.

Click Cancel subscription.

Title:Cancel your Teams subscription. Body: If you cancel your Stack Overflow for Teams subscription, you will lose access to all of your Team’s content. Additionally, your team members will no longer be able to log in to Stack Overflow. Red button: Cancel Subscription

and confirm your cancellation. Optional you can leave feedback and prevent new users from joining the team in the confirmation step.

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    Ok, so it is possible to cancel the free version. Now I just have to wonder why it takes over a month before the cancel takes effect. – MTilsted Apr 16 at 15:27
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    @MTilsted - it is a usual practice when you cancel accounts that potentially hold large amounts of data / scheduled jobs to allow customers to smoothly transition to something else or correct a grave mistake (there is also a less savvy explanation: companies think that if they prolong the agony for a month, you can change your mind). – Oleg Valter Apr 17 at 2:02
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    Now the cancel option doesn't work. – Arefe Apr 18 at 15:20

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