What should one do when a wrong answer (one that is technically wrong and not one that is opinionatedly wrong) is the most upvoted?

For example, this answer is technically mistaken and somewhat misleading. Most people read the answer, upvote it and assume that it is correct when in fact it is simply wrong... in fact, it is so wrong that Google suggested deprecating the Push Promise feature as it is misused and difficult to correctly implement.

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    What should one do when a wrong answer --> simply downvote (and maybe leave a comment). Nothing more. A lot of wrong answers are accepted/upvoted – Temani Afif Apr 12 at 11:28
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    You use the tools available to you, as per usual. The more interesting question is why is that answer so heavily upvoted if it is technically wrong. What went wrong in the quality voting process. Or what changed. – Gimby Apr 12 at 14:43
  • 213 upvotes on a wrong answer? Half of those are probably people who upvote without thinking and just pile upvotes... – 10 Rep Apr 12 at 15:48
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    Usually I just chuckle. Every one of those upvotes = somebody that I'm smarter than = one more chance for a client to turn to me to fix the shoddy job done by the first guy. ;D – Jason C Apr 12 at 19:54

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