I've just noticed a tag for an electronics design tool: . I think it's off-topic and perhaps should be migrated to the Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange.

Note: It seems that this tool is scriptable, in DelphiScript, but we already have a tag for that.

There are 26 questions, 14 unanswered. Only 3 have upvotes. 1 question this year, 6 last year.

I looked at all the questions, and I'd say that maybe 2 seem on-topic for SO, the rest are either off-topic or way off-topic. A lot of the questions have screenshots, most of the questions are about how to use the app, and a couple are about electronics. The overall quality of the posts are low.

The only question with a half-decent number of upvotes, 17, is about using the tool with Git, the answer for which is that you can't: How to use Altium with Git?

Should this tag be removed?

  • Note that questions older than 60 days cannot even be migrated by mods, just close them instead if they're off-topic. (Also, the tag excerpt is confusing). – Andrew T. Apr 4 at 14:33
  • The only thing that is on-topic would be the scripting in that tool. Questions about how to use the tool is off-topic. It could be on-topic elsewhere. The wiki/excerpt needs an update as a start. – rene Apr 4 at 15:11

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