So I noticed this issue while checking my user activity page. There is some overflow on the y-axis on the page (check the image for more info). I am on macOS Catalina with Firefox version 87. (look at the scroll bar on the bottom. there is more content that is not shown unless you scroll to the right)

(overflow error)

  • How do you expect that to look on such a small screen? – Cerbrus Apr 3 at 7:54
  • 1
    You could make it a little better by going into your profile, then "Edit profile and settings". Under "SITE SETTINGS" pick "Preferences" and make sure to check "Hide left navigation" so it's on. – Scratte Apr 3 at 9:05
  • I have a big enough monitor when it is fullscreen, I was just pointing out a bug (it doesn't bother me at all). Thanks for the replies though! – ShrubtheBub Apr 4 at 0:40
  • I find the downvotes amusing and unwarranted lol. You've brought up an interesting issue– the SO profile page doesn't seem to handle tablet dimensions very well. The responsive mobile layout handles this page just fine on small screens, but this tablet-ish screen size doesn't trigger the mobile view, it instead just pushes things off the screen. – zcoop98 Apr 5 at 22:18
  • And unfortunately, forcing the mobile/ responsive view on a tablet sized screen just seems to leave lots of undesirable space. – zcoop98 Apr 5 at 22:22

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