There's currently 45 questions for , and 16 for . This is about the JSON file that's used to provide iOS deep links and App Clips. However, the correct filename should be "apple-app-site-association", which is referenced in many parts of the documentation:

"Support Universal Links"

Create an apple-app-site-association file that contains JSON data about the URLs that your app can handle.

"Supporting Associated Domains"

To associate a website with your app, you’ll need to have the associated domain file on your website and the appropriate entitlement in your app. The apps in the apple-app-site-association file on your website must have a matching Associated Domains Entitlement.

"Associated Domains Entitlement"

In macOS 11 and later and iOS 14 and later, apps request apple-app-site-association files from an Apple-managed content delivery network (CDN) dedicated to associated domains, instead of directly from your web server.

Even the tag description of says

Allows websites opened within an iOS browser to redirect to a native app, by adding a apple-app-site-association file to the root of the website.

... but the correct tag has much less questions, and no description at all. Merge them?

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