The Gherkin language is used to write automated tests using Behavior Driven Development. Cruising the , , and tags (among others) you will see that questions frequently mix multiple programming languages. I haven't found a way to enable syntax highlighting for Gherkin yet. It tends to be highlighted using whichever rules exist for the main programming language tag on the question. This can look like a hot mess when applied to Gherkin:

Screenshot of Gherkin highlighted using JavaScript syntax rules

Example question: How i can pull data form cucumber table in js?

It would be nice to add support for Gherkin syntax highlighting via:

Feature: Syntax highlighting for Gherkin questions on StackOverflow
    In order to prevent migraines
    As someone who answers questions about Gherkin
    I want proper syntax highlighting for Gherkin code blocks

Scenario: Asking for this feature on meta
    Given the user is logged in to StackOverflow
    When the user asks "Can we add support for Gherkin syntax highlighting?" on meta
    And while we're at it, I'd like a pony, too
    Then the question gets lots of up-votes
    And the feature request gets implemented

Just for giggles (and at the same time very serious), an example is below:

Tongue-in-cheek Gherkin example about posting on meta and getting this implemented.


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