I follow a few tags and try to clean-up questions tagged ADO when really they should be tagged as Azure-DevOps. In general, if the question is bad I will just flag instead of editing the tags.

In the case of this question, I'm really not sure why this question has gotten through two rounds of review: First Post and Flagged review.

enter image description here

Should I have used a different flag here? Is this even a valid question? I've got silver on the tag and I can't parse that there is even a question. It looks more like a cut/paste of the opening to homework or walkthrough to me.

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    Flag it as "Needs details and clarity" there is no question in that question... – Yatin Apr 1 at 15:33
  • you haven't unlocked close votes yet, but through the flag UI you can choose close reasons over VLQ – Kevin B Apr 1 at 15:33
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    don't worry nobody understands the rules – nbk Apr 1 at 16:42
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    The safest option is to just never use Very Low Quality, on either questions or answers. It's completely useless as far as I can tell, any situation where you could use it you could also use a normal close reason that's less likely to be declined (or NAA in the case of answers). – John Montgomery Apr 1 at 19:17

You're going to want to close it. Since you have under 3k reputation, that means you should flag it for closure, which is under the "Needs improvement" option in the flag panel.

Screenshot of the flag dialogue with the radial button for "needs improvement" selected.

From your question it seems like can be somewhat difficult to recognize as the correct option if it seems like the question is just terrible and not something that can be improved - so I can see why you might not have chosen that option at first.

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    That option could perhaps be renamed then. – Jeanne Dark Apr 1 at 15:37
  • Feel free to start a discussion about it - the difficulty is coming up with the correct header that doesn't necessarily require knowing SE jargon - such as understanding what "closing" means. – Catija Apr 1 at 15:38
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    or... just make the close dialog available to everyone, but cause it to raise a flag for those who don't have the privilege unlocked. crystal clear – Kevin B Apr 1 at 15:40
  • Only clear if you know what closing is, @KevinB :) Flagging is a concept that's somewhat ubiquitous around the web. Closing can be somewhat confusing to newer users. – Catija Apr 1 at 15:41
  • Thanks. This is helpful. I think on most of the majority of my other flags I always use something from needs improvement. Only skimmed the dupe recommendation so far, but it seems like VLQ is just a trap flag. – Matt Apr 1 at 15:41
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    All the more reason to introduce them to it, considering new users are the ones most likely to encounter closure, – Kevin B Apr 1 at 15:42
  • @Matt For questions that are still open, you're probably correct. I think there have been discussions about making VLQ a flag for answers only at some point in the past. I can see value in them for closed questions that probably need to be deleted but, in general, they're most helpful for answers - and yet, even then, they cause a lot of issues! Our system is a very complex one. :P – Catija Apr 1 at 15:42
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    In addition, a "low quality" flag should rarely be used and should only be used as a last resort and is very likely to get declined by a moderator. – Reality Apr 1 at 16:04
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    @Catija - not sure I get your reasoning - if a person does not know what closing is, why do we trust them to make the right choice in the first place? "Duplicates" do not need improvement (there are just that - dupes), so do "community-specific reasons". If you ask me, these options are much more likely to cause confusion to newer users. – Oleg Valter Apr 1 at 16:16
  • @OlegValter A flag is just a flag. It doesn't actually cast a vote to close but it can mean that a post gets into the close review queue sooner than it might otherwise. That said, it's worth pointing out that our system judges your abilities based on reputation, not knowledge of our system, so that ship, as it were, has already sailed. A 20 k user doesn't necessarily know how to properly close a question while a 200 rep user may. – Catija Apr 1 at 17:02
  • @Catija - now I don't follow you even more :) I never referenced rep, only "newer" users, the reasoning applies to anyone without knowledge of the platform, be it 20 or 20K rep (it is also true that the chance is higher if the user is newly created). Also, it seems kind of strange to me to defend one shortcoming with another like not being able to judge abilities correctly. Since you also mentioned to Jeanne "feel free to start a discussion about it" that's exactly what we are doing. [1/2] – Oleg Valter Apr 1 at 17:14
  • [2/2] P.s. "it can mean that a post gets into the close review sooner" - exactly the reason why a flagger should know they are going to participate in closing a question and not in an obscure "needs improvement" action. Frankly, the wording is not bad, but it is confusing with the given option list where "duplicate" and "community-specific reason" do not mean "needs improvement" at all. – Oleg Valter Apr 1 at 17:17
  • @OlegValter The comments on a support question aren't really where that discussion should happen - Comments are just generally a bad place to do this. The invitation was to ask a new question specifically to discuss changing the wording and whatnot. – Catija Apr 1 at 17:19
  • @Catija - my initial comment was to address your response to Kevin B ("closing can be somewhat confusing to newer users") with the discussion already happening, didn't get any vibe of starting a new question from that (also it was a discussion question until you edited the tags [not questioning the validity of the edit, though]). Anyways, more on the topic: the point is that the "Question Close Updates" rollout hid what the option actually is about in favour of the intent (making "duplicate" and "community-specific" options out-of-place), and [1/2] – Oleg Valter Apr 1 at 17:45
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    [2/2] the "needs improvement" name is actually what makes people confused about choosing the correct option (among other reasons) and not not knowing what closure is. – Oleg Valter Apr 1 at 17:45

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