I clicked "Accept all cookies" on the recent cookie settings popup, but I would like to open that menu again and update my preferences, can someone help me find where in the settings I can do this?


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    In the footer under the Company section. – Catija Apr 1 at 4:59
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    I guess it makes sense it is not in your user profile with all the other settings, the cookie settings need to be able to be set regardless of you being logged in or not. I wonder how it is remembered. Surely not using a cookie? :) – Gimby Apr 2 at 12:27
  • @Gimby Yes, someone mentioned that you can just delete them from your browser and SO will ask again, which makes sense now that I think about it. But, it is still good to have direct access to the popup from the front page. – jackw11111 Apr 2 at 12:40

In the footer you'll find a link called Cookie Settings under the Company column. When you click it the dialog with the settings will open and you can amend your choices.

Here is the screenshot to give you a visual clue where to look:

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