At the time of marking it as a duplicate, the other question had an answer that indirectly answered this question as well. That was already not a clear duplicate, though. And then, the accepted answer of the other question changed in such a way that the "answer" (taken as the accepted answer) was not even indirectly a duplicate anymore.

I do not see any option to vote for a re-opening of the question, I can just delete it instead.

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And that would not be good since there is an answer of another user in the thread, and also, it makes no sense to me to delete a question just to post it again.

Why does conda list cudnn have no output after conda install pytorch torchvision cudatoolkit=10.2 -c pytorch installation [duplicate]

I also might just ask the same question on Super User instead, where it rather belongs anyway, and delete it on Stack Overflow. Then again, I would rather migrate it than just delete it.

Deleting is not a good choice anyway, see Should I delete my question if it is marked as a duplicate?.

If a question was made a duplicate for shallow reasons and for an answer that is no longer the accepted answer, how can such a duplicate be withdrawn?


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I just see my mistake. I have not seen that the "reopen" link is below the question, and not in the box above. Sorry to take your time here!

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