In your free Team, under Users, you can invite users by email address by clicking "Invite users", which shows a popup:


Now you see, someone sent me their email address over IM, and the IM client helpfully prepended "mailto:" in front of it, which I'm pretty sure the form won't accept, so I want to remove it. So I positioned my mouse cursor before the "f" of "foo", and dragged my mouse wayyy to the left to select all text before it (being the "mailto:" part), after which I intended to hit either backspace or delete, wherever one of my fingers was closest to at that moment:

Popup with selected text

(That black thingy circled in red is my attempt at drawing a mouse cursor, which Windows' Snip & Sketch doesn't include in screenshots.)

See it in action, courtesy of Oleg Valter:


Now when you release the mouse button outside that popup, the popup disappears, sending your input (including the mailto:) to /dev/null. The same happens when drag-selecting any text on that dialog, for example the title.

That should not be happening. See also If you do something on keyup, make sure you got the associated keydown first.

  • Downvote all you want, I find that a site used by millions of developers should set a great example for UX and usability. Closing a dialog because a mouse up event occurs outside it should only happen when the mouse down was also outside. That's how mousedown works everywhere. Compare the Flag and Close dialogs here. Speaking of, for consistency, the title of this dialog should be draggable as well. – CodeCaster Mar 29 at 20:51
  • 2
    Maybe they don't like your drawing skills :) To be more serious, here is a recording of the same phenomenon, feel free to use: i.stack.imgur.com/JJVSF.gif – Oleg Valter Mar 29 at 21:17
  • 1
    NP - btw, used a screencasting program I was recommended a while ago, in case you don't know it - ScreenToGif, an amazing thing to work with. – Oleg Valter Mar 29 at 21:39

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