I want to try and fix up some of my older, deleted questions and answers, but as I have <10,000 reputation, as far as I know, cannot un-delete them at all.

Is there any way that I can un-delete these and edit them (or, better yet, edit and then un-delete them so I don't release content in a low-quality state)? If not, why?

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    See this workaround to find most of your deleted posts. I have a recent feaure request asking to allow all users to find their own deleted posts. Hopefully, it gets picked up soon enough. – 41686d6564 Mar 21 at 6:43
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    I might've misunderstood your question. It looks like you're asking how to get them undeleted, not how to find them. You can undelete questions deleted by you. For questions deleted by the system/moderators/etc., I think you can still edit them if I'm not mistaken. Then, if you get them to the point that they're on-topic/answerable, I guess your can flag them for moderator attention and present your case. Alternatively, you could create a meta post to bring the (improved) question(s) to the community's attention. – 41686d6564 Mar 21 at 7:05
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    From the relevant MSE FAQ: "Self-deleted posts can be viewed and undeleted by their original authors. However, self-deleted questions cannot be edited by their authors unless undeleted first for spam prevention reasons. Self-deleted answers can be edited by the author without undeleting." Else it depends: You can't undelete them if they were deleted by moderators. In case of high-rep users deleting them you will need additional undelete votes. If it was deleted via review, you can undelete but it'll raise an automatic flag. – Jeanne Dark Mar 21 at 9:38
  • What is the duplicate for this question? – Peter Mortensen Mar 21 at 18:09

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