On the desktop version of Stack Overflow, the dark theme works, however, on a tablet with the mobile version the dark mode of the device is not respected - the only way to get it is to request the desktop version which is not optimal on a mobile device.

Can you please also introduce the dark mode for the mobile variant?

Update: In Mobile Firefox 86.0 for the responsive mobile version there is no dark theme.

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    I'm talking about the responsive webpage theme. – MrTux Mar 9 at 8:08
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    There is dark theme support for the responsive view. The mobile view on the other hand, has been abandoned and is best avoided. Wonder why is still around. The responsive one (the one you get when you click on “full site”) is much better all around. – yivi Mar 9 at 8:28
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    The mobile view has just received a top bar redesign. It is probably not completely abandoned. – ayhan Mar 9 at 10:07
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    I'm on a mobile phone now, trying to get dark theme. How would I get the responsive view? – GaTechThomas Apr 22 at 10:47

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