Historically I'm more of a Philosophy SE user where people ask questions about philosophy that are largely independent of time, but here questions are about technology which is changing all the time. I've been looking at some answers on this site and for some it's been upwards of 10 years since they've seen any activity... is there an appropriate way to ask whether an answer is still relevant? I feel as if leaving a comment on old questions asking if they are still relevant is not really the most optimal approach; not only will the site end up with those types of comments everywhere on virtually every question as it gets old, but it also requires that someone has the knowledge to answer it right when the comment relevancy question is asked... the original answer-er may not be around or not even know and other people may not even notice.

The 'Activity summary' feature of this site is almost able to provide the information needed, but it's not exactly easy to parse. You have to sort of go through the activity and recent votes and that can give you a sense of whether other people are still finding it helpful and therefore it's likely relevant, but it would be nice if there was a feature that specifically helped you determine this, and quickly, along with ways for readers to indicate whether an answer or parts of an answer are no longer valid/relevant.

Are there any plans in the works for helping with these kind of issues?


Consider the answer to this question.

The original answer was on Mar 24 2013. That's ancient by any measure and makes me wary of wanting to trust the information provided.

But wait! It has received a sizeable edit March 18 2018. Okay, so maybe it's still trustworthy...

However! There's a thrice-upvoted comment that makes me doubt again...

I think it's WORTH NOTING that this response is old and obsolete, as of the date of my comment you don't need path-to-regexp or anything anymore and you can use route parameters directly in the first argument of the use method. – vdegenne Apr 10 '18

So yes, we can just go ahead and try the answer and see for ourselves... but there are often many answers to the same questions, so ultimately we do have to decide which ones to try first before jumping into actually implementing any answers, and therefore I think it would be very handy — especially on a stack like this where the subject matter changes fairly rapidly — to have a set of features which help determine the relevancy of answers for readers.

At the very least it would be helpful if the vote/activity summaries could be combined into a clean and easy to understand graph. In the long-term, there probably should be a way to indicate that an answer (or sections of an answer) are no longer relevant and why, and after enough trusted users indicate as such (with the same indicated reason) then the answer could have a special flag on it so future readers know.

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    You might be interested in this project meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/405302/… in case you haven't seen it yet. – cigien Mar 7 at 2:02
  • @stoicfury as of now, all you can do is to comment and wait for an answer. Or you can ask a new question where you link the answer and ask if it is still relevant. – Sabito 錆兎 Mar 7 at 6:48

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