I recently asked a question asking for verification of a claim I found in an article. In the comments section, there was some disagreement about whether my understanding of the article was accurate in the first place, but that is beside the point here.

I was asking for a tangible, factual advantage of using one code construct over another.

What I am confused about is why my question was closed as opinion-based.

Surely, it is possible to have an opinion that deviates from, or even contradicts verifiable facts from specifications etc. But I'd argue that alone cannot be a sufficient criterion for considering a question "opinion-based", as that would render absolutely all questions opinion-based.

Likewise, I was not asking about what the author of the article I quoted thought. That would ... well, frankly, even that would not possibly be "opinion-based", although just a single person on Earth could answer the question (the author of the article).

I suspect these VTC were largely based on a very narrow interpretation of the quoted text (or, let's say, some kind of word-by-word parsing). Even so, I disagree with the close reason: While my premise may be disputed, the question itself does not hinge on that premise. Maybe I should just have skipped the context and just asked right away:

Is there any general tangible benefit of using a private read-only property over a private read-only field that applies in all circumstances?

That is an absolutely answerable question, and I'd understand if it were maybe closed for a lack of research effort (my actual question does contain some reasoning for why properties are preferrable to fields in certain cases), but it is obviously not opinion-based.

Therefore - the way my question was closed as opinion-based, it feels to me like some users just wanted to "shoot down" the question out of mere disagreement with the premise, rather than for the question itself.

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    After re-reading the question a couple of times, it is still not clear to me what you are actually asking. Paraphrased, there seems to be "why use A instead of B", "why use A at all", and "why always use A instead of B"; phrasing two of these as "why would I" is just the cherry on top. Frankly, I could see all of "needs details", "needs focus" and "opinion based" apply. It certainly does not just need disagreement with your premise to VTC. Commented Feb 27, 2021 at 12:20

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The post you linked to certainly looks (not necessarily is) like you are asking peers to exercise at reading the mind of an article author, so this is most likely the reason it got closed (which is substantiated by the ensuing discussion on what author actually wanted to say).

Admittedly, I think the question falls in line with the "focus on a more fact-based line of questioning" reasoning the help center provides for allowing opinion-ish questions to stay open.

Your post may stand a better chance of reopening if you shift focus from the "why would I" part which incites others to speculate about the article to something like "what are the upsides/downsides" (or pros and cons), as well as remove the last paragraph of this meta post, which some might be seen as a rant (and that surely does not help your case).

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