Coming from this meta question, as you can guess, I am actually question banned.

I have read plenty of meta topics about being question banned and the only way out seems to be "Improve your questions"... Fine, I went through all my actual questions, and besides deleting a seemingly useless question that was about to be deleted automatically and a few details on other questions, I don't really think there's a lot for me to do to make my questions better (which is surely wrong since I'm question banned).

I suspect that my deleted questions are those who weigh the most in my ban and by then are the ones to edit and if it's the case I don't think it's really a good way to determine whether if someone is or isn't allowed to ask/answer/whatever thing you can be banned from, especially if you can't find those deleted questions easily (which is the case despite that feature being requested).

As far as I can remember, me deleting these questions was most of the time because, according to comments and/or downvotes, they were not good, and deleting those was simply me acknowledging they aren't meant to stay on SO, even after being possibly edited.

Moreover, I definitely think I don't have a negative utility on SO (even if question asking-wise I may have a negative utility) but finding (and sharing when I'm the first to find) answers is still what brought me here and what makes me stay here so being banned from a common way of achieving this could really make me want to leave completely (and, considering I have a positive overall utility, that would be a loss to SO).

So here I am asking what I can do to make my questions better in order to ask my new question (and get banned again since I'm not considered a good asker)?

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    The deleted question you linked, i don't see anything particularly wrong with it, all it needs is an edit to bump it back to the front page. Keep in mind, on the list of questions, the first bit of your question is displayed as a preview... it's often a good idea to be descriptive there rather than just saying "Using the following XAML" – Kevin B Feb 23 at 15:39
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    You likely have a significant amount of deleted questions with downvotes, since your non-deleted ones net you a positive score with no closed questions. I'd generally advise modflagging one of your own questions to ask if a mod can provide you with a list of questions you've deleted so you can improve and undelete them, but since you already asked here it's probably better to wait and see if one happens to stumble in to this question. As for the ones that aren't deleted, they mostly look fine to me as well, but they aren't your problem. – Erik A Feb 23 at 16:30
  • Among the questions that have been deleted that I have found, this one in particular doesn't look bad to me – nalka Feb 23 at 17:06
  • That deleted question needs proper steps to setup a fresh project to get it in a state that becomes clear. Basically what you now added at the end needs to go near the start of the question. I assume VS2019? .Net Core/.Net framework/ doesn't matter? Make the edits then flag for a mod to have that question undeleted AND the comments cleaned, once undeleted make one extra edit so it gets bumped on the active tab for c# and wpf followers. Isn't there a tag missing? stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/mahapps.metro ? – rene Feb 23 at 18:12

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