Same as Merge [hana-cloud-platform] into [sap-cloud-platform], SAP decided, again, to replace their platform brand name.

This time: from "SAP Cloud Platform" (SCP) to "SAP Business Technology Platform" (SAP BTP). It was first officially announced in the middle of this blog post: https://blogs.sap.com/2021/01/27/a-robust-platform-for-rise-with-sap/

In line with our goal to establish SAP Business Technology Platform as THE platform for the intelligent enterprise, we decided to sunset the "SAP Cloud Platform" product name [...]. While the actual cloud platform capabilities are renamed, [...] the products and services continue to be available, their functionality and agreements will stay unchanged.

Consequently, several tools and products from SAP were renamed as well. E.g. from "SAP Cloud Platform SDK for Android" to "SAP BTP SDK for Android".

Accordingly, and should be added as synonyms to .

At the time of writing, the tag [sap-cloud-platform] can't even be proposed as a synonym because [sap-cloud-platform] itself has [hana-cloud-platform] as its synonym:
synonym proposal failed due to the synonym having another synonym

Failed to propose synonym:
Reverse synonym sap-cloud-platform already proposed on the tag hana-cloud-platform

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