appears to be an exact duplicate of . Tag descriptions are identical and posts are often tagged with both. Should they be merged or synonymized?


As the term "superset" has a distinct meaning in set theory, I think that having it apply specifically to Apache Superset, when we have a more descriptive tag already available, can be misleading.

There are a few questions tagged that do not relate to Apache Superset. Here are a few examples:

There are also many questions with both tags (over half the , and over 60% of the questions).

So my proposal is to retag all of the Apache related questions as , then either burn superset, or retarget the tag for one of the other meanings for "superset" (with appropriate wiki edits).

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    The second and third examples are Apache Superset questions. Second one involves an Apache Superset installation. In the third one, Airbnb Superset is the previous name of Apache Superset. – mck Feb 18 at 8:24

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