.NET Framework was discontinued, and .NET Core is now just .NET. But on Stack Overflow the tag is used for .NET Framework, even though most new questions on .NET family are about the .NET (Core) family.

As a result of the way things are now, some new users are tagging .NET (Core) questions as . I think this issue will start to increase over time, as new .NET versions will be launched and consolidate as the "one and true .NET" and .NET Framework will lie in the forgotten legacy past.

So, I'm proposing we take this actions in the following order:

  1. Retagging all questions to
  2. Retagging all to
  3. Making a synonym of

There was this discussion about the .NET 5 tags, but it didn't get much traction and there was no proposal coming out of it, so I'm stepping forward and making this proposal.

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    .NET Framework was not discontinued. It is part of Windows and will be distributed as part of Windows, and will continue to be supported as long as Windows is. Questions regarding .NET 5 and above should use the appropriate version-specific tags. Existing questions should remain as tagged. – Heretic Monkey Feb 16 at 13:27
  • @HereticMonkey It is discontinued in the sense that there will be no new versions and no new features. New development is encouraged to be done in the .NET (Core). Why should we stick the [.net] tag to .NET Framework, when the ".NET" (without Core or Framework) is talking about the new .NET Core versions? – Magnetron Feb 16 at 14:28
  • Your proposal sticks [.net] to [.net-framework] for all existing questions, regardless of what the questions actually target. It then makes [.net-core] into [.net], which is incorrect. .NET Core 1-3.1 were and are called .NET Core. It is only .NET 5 onward where .NET Core becomes .NET. This proposal is an attempt to rewrite history based on current naming. – Heretic Monkey Feb 16 at 14:41
  • @HereticMonkey Your proposal sticks [.net] to [.net-framework] for all existing questions, regardless of what the questions actually target. [.net] tag, as stated in the tag description, is only for questions about .NET Framework, so I don't see any harm in doing it. The second part I agree is doubious, I see we can do in three ways: Leave as it is now (using [.net-core] tag for .NET and .NET Core), change only .NET 5+ to [.net] or change both .NET and .NET Core questions to [.net]. I'm more inclined to the first or the last. – Magnetron Feb 16 at 15:41
  • My intent is not about rewrite history, is just to correct the fact that we are using the [.net] tag to questions about .NET Framework, when there is a different product that is actually called just .NET and don't belong to the tag that corresponds to its name. Just because [.net] was an acceptable tag in the past, when Framework was the only variant, doesn't mean we have to stick to it when it is no longer the best naming. – Magnetron Feb 16 at 15:44
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    Or we could just leave everything the way it is, and use [.net-5] for questions about .NET 5. What I've been trying to get across is that there is no reason to make all of these changes to to existing tags because Microsoft decides they want to repurpose names. [.net-core] continues to refer to .NET Core 1.0-3.1. [.net] continues to refer to .NET Framework. [.net-5] refers to .NET 5. [.net-6] refers to .NET 6. There is no reason to change everything at this point. – Heretic Monkey Feb 16 at 15:49
  • The fact of the matter is that Microsoft created a very confusing and inconsistent situation - there is nothing to be done about that. Renaming tags won't change that situation, it'll in fact just create other problems because then all of a sudden you have a mountain of existing questions with wonky tagging. There is only one thing we can do; roll with the punches and try to course correct as we go forward. Happy retagging, .NET developers :( – Gimby Feb 16 at 15:59
  • @HereticMonkey [.net-5] is for the specific version 5, the same way as [.net-4.8] is for the specific version Framework 4.8 and [.net-core-2.0] is for Core 2.0. But most questions don't specify a version, and we have [.net] for every .NET Framework version and [.net-core] for every .NET (Core) versions. Tags should be clear, and now it's not very clear for new users. What do you think it'll happen 5 years from now (and is already happening) when new developers want to ask a question about .NET 10, they will probably tag it [.net] or [.net-core]? – Magnetron Feb 16 at 16:00
  • Even if we don't rename [.net-core] to [.net], I think we should rename [.net] to [.net-framework] – Magnetron Feb 16 at 16:00
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    Synonymizing [.net] to [.net-framework] is the only proposal that makes sense here. – Robert Harvey Feb 16 at 16:41

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