I've already flagged it for mod's attention. Is there anything else that needs to be done?

Line count inconsistency with spark and pandas





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Someone keeps posting the same bad question again and again

That gets close to abusive. We have a specific flag category for that but that needs context for other flaggers, specially if they can't see deleted posts.

I've already flagged it for mod's attention.

Awesome. I hope you included links to the other posts so the mods have enough context to understand the actual problem. Posting a bad question isn't forbidden. Deleting the previous bad one and blatantly re-posting is.

Is there anything else that needs to be done?

If you also close voted and downvoted then your options are exhausted. As an extra measure you could join a chatroom where post moderation is on-topic and leave a so called cv-pls, del-pls or even flag-pls message. Room regulars might act on those "*-pls requests" and expedite the closure or deletion of such posts, preventing other community members or visitors spending time on non-value posts.

Before interacting in any chatroom make sure you searched, read and act according to the room rules. Those are often announced or linked to in the room description.

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