According to the tag wiki for each tag, is supposed to be used for ILE RPG on IBM i, whereas is supposed to be used for OPM RPG/400 and all other RPG implementations (RPG on non-IBM platforms and other IBM platforms). However, in practice, it looks like that advice is very often not being followed – observe the number of questions tagged with both tags, when it seems the question is actually about ILE RPG. Indeed, I think most people who tag their question with plain are actually asking about ILE RPG – in 2021, it is significantly more likely that someone will be asking a question about ILE RPG and tag it as just because they didn't read the tag wiki, then that someone would actually be asking a question specifically about OPM RPG/400 or some other RPG implementation. Given this reality, is there really any use in keeping the two separate tags? I suspect not.

I think making the main tag, and the synonym, might have the advantage of reducing people mistakenly using for questions about role-playing games, even if allowing non-ILE RPG questions in the scope of would technically be a misnomer.

  • "I think making rpgle the main tag, and rpg the synonym, might have the advantage of reducing people mistakenly using rpg for questions about role-playing games" I find this highly unlikely, because nobody looks at synonyms when using a tag – Nick Feb 13 at 10:32
  • 1
    @Nick Correct, but if I tag a question with a synonym, won't the tag then get replaced by the main tag on display? Seeing something inappropriate might trigger the user to investigate – Simon Kissane Feb 14 at 9:10
  • Ehhhh, I'm not entirely sure, more just food for thought :), synonyms are a weird part of stack – Nick Feb 14 at 9:12

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