The company I work for has Stack Overflow for Teams. One thing that is difficult is that it isn't integrated with Google Chat. As a result, Stack Overflow for Teams links pasted into GChat are not enriched with useful info such at question title, as shown in the following image.


Does guidance exist on how to get enriched Stack Overflow for Teams links in Google Chat?

  • It sounds like you are requesting that a link pasted into gChat cause gChat to request a gChat card from SO. See developers.google.com/hangouts/chat/reference/message-formats/… for the message format expected by gChat API. If so I suggest you change the wording of your post and not use the word "integration" but rather detect a link request from gChat and then use the gChat JSON message to provide a rich card in response. – Richard Chambers Feb 12 at 15:54
  • @RichardChambers thanks for the link. The reason that I think that some sort of integration is needed is that both our private stack and our gChat are single sign on. It appears that the preview card first needs to pass access control before it can show any useful info. – GaTechThomas Feb 12 at 22:13
  • I rolled back the most recent edit because this is about gChat, not about Google Talk. For questions, refer to the disambiguation in the Google Talk wikipedia link in the rolled back entry. – GaTechThomas Feb 12 at 22:16
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    I'm confused; the Wikipedia article linked in the revision history says that "Google Talk ... was variously referred to colloquially as Gchat". Yet, you do not mean Google Talk? What, exactly, do you mean? – Cody Gray Feb 13 at 0:03
  • @GaTechThomas At first your saying that both the private stack and gChat are single sign on confused me. Then I remembered that I use my gmail account using Google Authentication to log into Stack Overflow and usually have both gmail and Stack Overflow open in browser windows. Is that what you are doing? It seems to me that some kind of integration isn't really necessary other than Stack Overflow understanding the handshake from gChat with a link insert and replying back with the proper card info per the gChat API. – Richard Chambers Feb 13 at 0:49
  • @CodyGray I mean Google Chat. The first line of the linked wikipedia article says, "Gchat" redirects here. For the enterprise software part of Google Workspace, see Google Chat. – GaTechThomas Feb 14 at 1:37
  • @RichardChambers unfortunately I'm not privy to the exact way that our single sign on is implemented; I just know that it has Okta in the loop. When I am logged into gChat and to private SO, I'm connected to each but they're not connected to one another. It is my expectation that when gChat is showing the private SO page, it is showing up not as me but as an unauthenticated call, and therefore it is only able to display generic private SO info in the card. It is my understanding that we have both a Slack integration and a MS Teams integration. I'll test those out next week. – GaTechThomas Feb 14 at 1:44
  • Is this really such a bad question that it has a negative score? Is there documentation that I can refer to for private SO? If so, I'd be glad to delete this question. – GaTechThomas Feb 14 at 1:46
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    @GaTechThomas Personally I think it is a reasonable question and request. I just tried an SO post in FaceBook and the result was an icon similar to what you show in your post however the question title is also available as is an i icon that when clicked on gives the first bit from the Wikipedia topic. So what you are asking for seems to work already in FaceBook and I get something similar with title when I post an SO link into LinkedIn. So it looks like there is some kind of an inconsistency between SO and gChat. – Richard Chambers Feb 14 at 2:28

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