It seems like tag names about TS concepts follow the typescript-* prefix pattern:

ATTOW, they have several issues in common:

  1. Most (except for , which has a basic wiki and an excerpt) lack an excerpt and a wiki.

  2. Most (except for , which has over 1K questions) have a low number of questions (under 100).

  3. All of them have a low (under 10) number of watchers (even the tag).

  4. All of them can be (and frequently are) substituted by builder ("constructor", "lego" - choose your poison) tags as for the most part these concepts are not TS-specific:

    1. -> [typescript] + [decorator] (~300 questions)
    2. -> [typescript] + [generics] (1.5K questions)
    3. -> [typescript] + [types] (~1.9K questions)
    4. -> [typescript] + [declaration] (70 questions)
    5. -> [typescript] + [definition] (~40 questions)
    6. -> [typescript] + [class] (~600 questions)
    7. -> [typescript] + [namespaces] (~150 questions)

    Unfortunately, some of these tags suffer from problem #1: lack of wiki/excerpt:
    1. has a particularly "useful" one, and some lack a TS-specific section
    2. wiki lists only PHP, Python, .NET, and C++ examples
    3. omits the notion of TS generics as well
    4. only has an excerpt

    Also, some might view , and similar as too generic (although a request to remove has been declined before), which brings extra complexity to the issue at hand.

Given #4, we have two diverging tag naming paths that will be progressively harder to reconcile as time passes. On the other hand, the existing tags are not in their best shape, as well as being not very popular (see #3).

So, the question is:

what do you think would be the best way to deal with these tags (and should anything be done in the first place)?

Initial thoughts on actions that can be taken:

  • Retag typescript-* to separate tags, expand the relevant wikis with TS info
  • Retag separate tags to typescript-* and create their wikis/excerpts
  • If choosing to retag to separate, typescript-* ones can be made synonyms of the former

As a separate concern, there is an astray tag which, despite its generic naming, is exclusively used by questions about TS type guards. Seems like it could be typescript-* prefixed for consistency.

Found another orphan tag: . Misses both wiki and excerpt, used exclusively by questions about TS mapped types, very low number of watchers (2 ATTOW).

Another one, , fares slightly better with a basic wiki and excerpt. It is slightly ambiguous: at least 3 questions use it for C++ questions, so it either needs to be inlined with typescript-* prefix pattern or probably made language-agnostic (like ).

And another tag is . No ambiguity found, it just lacks wiki and except. Given the above, at least 4 more tags do not follow the typescript-* prefix while being TS-exclusive in usage.

An aside: there is also a problem with and , which are basically the same tag used for the concept common to multiple languages, TypeScript included. Likely needs a standalone proposal to merge.

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    Probably duplicate of "excel + vba" vs. "excel-vba" eternal battle... – Alexei Levenkov Jan 29 at 2:34
  • 2
    @AlexeiLevenkov - as far as I recall it was resolved after all (albeit not without a lot of drama during the dispute), wasn't it? I hope this will not lead to a new tag war... Honestly, I will be happy if this at least results in some of the tags getting wikis/excerpts. – Oleg Valter Jan 29 at 3:08
  • 2
    I guess I mixing timeframes in my head - I think I remember more posts after that for people going back and adding them again... but it very well could be other way around in timeline. (I personally absolutely don't care about tag descriptions/wiki as no one reads them to my observations and this information is well hidden in the site's UI to worry enough about it. The only usage so far is ban people for poor edits of those :) ) – Alexei Levenkov Jan 29 at 3:20
  • @AlexeiLevenkov - seems like all *-vba tags are dead now at least. Agreed that excerpts/wikis aren't really useful (I am still unsure, though, of whether no one reads them because 99% of them do not have useful info or vice versa) - just trying to find something positive in case the ultimate goal flops. I like your notion of usefulness, though :) – Oleg Valter Jan 29 at 3:39
  • I don't see any point on having a decorator, generics, class, definitions, etc. tags. Every tag should be able to function as the only tag on the question, these do not. If something should be done, just merging them into typescript is a viable solution. – Braiam Jan 31 at 14:53
  • 2
    "Convert [typescript-decorator] to [typescript] + [decorator]" - I don't agree with that one. There have been many versions of the ECMAScript decorators proposal floating around, and the current typescript implementation has its own peculiarities that would make it worth distinguishing them from other decorator versions. Also [decorator] has the problem of referring to the GoF decorator pattern, not to the syntactical element (although used for both), so that does need some disambiguation. – Bergi Jan 31 at 18:08
  • @Bergi - aren't decorators an implementation of the decorator pattern as they modify the behaviour of a class/method/function without mutating it? That said, I agree with disambiguating it (after all, we have observer-pattern, factory-pattern, strategy-pattern, etc. Oh, we have one already: decorator-pattern! Which means that there may be a separate issue of retagging some of the questions. Also worth noting that other decorator-related tags seem to follow the <language>-decorators pattern consistently, so it makes sense to leave the typescript-decorator be. – Oleg Valter Jan 31 at 18:37
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    I don't understand why Meta posts about tags get so hung-up on missing tag wiki's and then start calling it "an issue". I can solve that "issue" by putting in each wiki Oleg didn't had time to write a decent wiki yet, give it 6 to 8 weeks . If a tag is clear, a wiki isn't a pre-requisite. If the tag is used wrongly then a wiki can help but still isn't mandatory to get a tagging problem "solved" – rene Feb 17 at 7:09
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    @rene, frankly, I did not (and do not) consider missing wikis and excerpts a major problem, but when listing the tags to discuss, I think it is diligent to provide info on what they lack (and also give these omissions a bit more visibility). Please note that each listing here talks about usage and naming first and foremost. – Oleg Valter Feb 17 at 7:34

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