I have been tracking the Illuminator badge for the last couple months on my Activity page. A few days ago, I saw the count increase from 291 to 292 (as expected) after I met the requirements for the badge for such an increase. I answered another user's question, made a relevant edit to the question, and someone upvoted my answer.

A day later, I was surprised when I noticed the count was back down to 291. Why did the count decrease?

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The count for the Illuminator badge can decrease if any of the requirements are no longer met. There are several reasons for the count to drop. The count will decrease by one when:

  • The answer score drops from 1 to 0 due to such events as:
    • A new downvote
    • An upvote which has been retracted (undone)
  • The question is closed for any reason (including as a duplicate)
  • The question is deleted
  • The answer is deleted

In this case, the Answer had a score of 1. Then, according to the Question timeline, the Question was closed 4 hours later. Once the Question was closed, the requirements of the Illuminator badge were no longer met, causing the count to drop.

Similarly, the count could increase again for this Answer if any of the actions which caused the decrease is reverted: a new upvote, re-open, undelete, etc.

See also, the FAQ: Answer Badges

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