I was reviewing this question on Stack Overflow, it has two links to https://i.stack.imgur.com. I'm pretty sure these are images added to the question with the image tool (powered by Imgur) so I clicked the first link and received a security warning.


  • work-managed laptop, macOS 10.15.7
  • home network*
  • similar failures in Firefox, Safari, Chrome


  • Firefox 84.0, network tab: SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER
  • Chrome Canary 90.0.4395.0: NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID

Certificate issuer

Cisco Umbrella Secondary SubCA sea-SG

a screenshot of potential security risk error from imgur

Are there other reports of this, is it just my browser? Is Imgur's certificate issuer (Cisco OpenDNS) an issue?

  • under firefox 84.0.2 Windows 10 it is normal. any addons? also try another webbrowser to check
    – nbk
    Commented Jan 23, 2021 at 1:04
  • Similar errors in Safari, Firefox, Chrome Canary (MacOS). I'm on a work computer but browsing on our home network, no VPN. Commented Jan 23, 2021 at 1:09
  • i think the certificat epool is corrupted on your system, or so configured
    – nbk
    Commented Jan 23, 2021 at 1:12
  • @nbk I think you nudged me in the right direction. I edited my question, but let me know if this is supposed to be an answer instead. Commented Jan 23, 2021 at 1:26
  • 1
    If this definitely resolved your issue, then yeah, I'd post it as an answer. It may help others in the future who are using similar types of access-control filtering solutions. (If you're still looking for more help, then I would hold off on posting an answer. But also clarify what additional help you're looking for.) Commented Jan 23, 2021 at 1:43

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nbk's questions prompted me to check other environments. I viewed this question on my phone and it loaded the screenshot preview. Noticing my phone was off wireless and using cellular data, I turned on wireless and opened a private browsing window and bingo, broken. I think the problem was a DNS intercept setup on our home wireless. Oh the joys of remote learning and filtering your kid's internet activity.

Quick recap of troubleshooting steps

In case you run into something similar, here are the troubleshooting steps nbk and I walked through to isolate what was happening:

  • check another browser
  • check browser's security settings
  • check extensions and add-ons, disable as needed
  • check network: work vpn, wifi vs. cellular data on a phone

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